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Hapa Beach in Kitsilano

So excited about finally getting over to Hapa Beach in Kitsilano.  This is the perfect little spot for non traditional Japanese fare. After lounging on the beach we headed over – sadly just after “Hapa Hour ” aka the food and drinks happy hour ended… Read More

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Jamie Oliver’s Whole Roast Chicken

I’d been dancing around the idea of roasting a whole chicken for some time now, never feeling quite confident enough and always talking myself out of it at the last minute in the checkout line.  I shouldn’t have psyched myself out because it’s really not… Read More

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Summer Vegetable Risotto

Despite it being a rainy Sunday ( and the forecast calling for rain all week), I know that full-fledged summer is right around the corner – I can just feel it! One of the undeniable signs that summer has arrived is that sweet seasonal aroma… Read More

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Shrimp & Tofu Fried Rice

Leftovers are a beautiful thing, especially when they come together and create something completely new. I’ve been craving fried rice for a while now, and just before I broke down and bought some it turned out I had everything needed to make my own at home.… Read More

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Caprese Eggs on Grilled Toast

Doesn’t that soft poached egg  look just like a ball of delicious buffalo mozzarella?  I thought so too. As inspired a title as this recipe may have, the dish itself – like most of my breakfasts – evolved on the go as I pulled ingredients… Read More