Memphis Blues BBQ

My BBQ dreams came true last week with a trip to Memphis Blues BBQ on Granville and Broadway. Heavenly fall-of-the-bone ribs and tender brisket accompanied with some mediocre sides, but damn that meat was good.


As Guy Fieri loves to point out, look at the bark on those ribs!  We used a lot of the signature Memphis Blues mustard BBQ sauce on the ribs, great flavour combo!

photo 2-9
Rib Meal with coleslaw, fries, cornbread, baked beans and BBQ sauce. $17.95
photo 1-9
Sliced Beef Brisket Meal with disappointing potato salad, $17.95

The brisket was fantastic, so moist and delicious. The potato salad was the only let down of the meal. It was over salted so we couldn’t taste anything else, but really there was nothing impressive about it anyways. The fries, however, were perfectly seasoned and not too salty or greasy. There was nothing special about the coleslaw either, but it didn’t take anything away from the meal so we didn’t mind it.

photo 5-7

Smokey baked beans. Again, not my favourite part of the meal but Phil loved them and they were a nice addition to the meal overall.
photo 3-6

photo 4-10The cornbread was pretty good too, although I was the only one who thought it would have been nicer warmed up! Overall, great dinner and the best BBQ in Vancouver I’ve tried. They don’t stinge on portions either, so we had enough food the next day for a full lunch. Next time we’re getting the Memphis Feast ($47), a smorgasbord of all the meat Memphis has to offer, plus the fixin’s. I definitely recommend going with friends so you can chow down on this option, as it will be cheaper than getting a bunch of individual meals.


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