Dinner at Nuba in Kitsilano

We happened into Nuba one night when our plans to meet at a different venue fell through. For a Thursday night at 7pm, Nuba in Kitsilano was unexpectedly quiet, and we were promptly seated at a window table for two.

We started with ordering two large glasses of fresh squeezed juice for $5.50, of which we were able to choose any combination. We went with apple, lemon, lime and ginger – so pleasantly refreshing!

No trip to Nuba should go without ordering Najib’s Special, the most amazing cauliflower dish in the history of cauliflower. It’s crunchy and soft and incredibly seasoned with spices and lemon. We also ordered the Hallumi cheese, served warm in a skillet and ooh so gooey and delicious, with tomatoes and roasted pistachios.

The garden falafel were unique in flavour and had a crunchy exterior with a warm velvety interior. The five bite sized pieces came with hummus, avocado and picked radish.

As if this wasn’t enough food, we ordered the grilled flat bread accompanied with a thick yogurt dip, but the best item overall had to be the vegan stew. An outstanding dish and one I had never tried before, I will be sure to order and recommend this to people in the future. It was perfect for the cold October night and filled with great spices, seasonal vegetables, tomatoes, onions, chickpeas and a delicious sauce drizzled over top, who even needs meat?!


I’ve used it several times but there is really no other way to describe the quality of food at Nuba other than absolutely delicious. If you haven’t already experienced this restaurant do yourself and your taste-buds a favour and visit one this weekend, Nuba has locations in Kits, Mount Pleasant, Yaletown and Gastown.

3 thoughts on “Dinner at Nuba in Kitsilano

  1. Just happened along on to this post because I work at Nuba in Kitsilano – pretty sure I found one of your free tea vouchers on the floor by your table after you left! I kept it so if you’d like it, let me know 🙂

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