Hapa Beach in Kitsilano

Hapa Beach in Kitsilano is the perfect little spot for unique and delicious Japanese fare. After lounging on the beach we headed over – sadly just after “Hapa Hour ” ended – the food and drinks happy hour – and got two seats on the patio within 10 minutes.

The patio is on the smaller side and one half is shaded by a tree, however their indoor dining room is quite large and well-appointed. Prices are reasonable, staff are friendly, and service was quick. Portions sizes aren’t huge, but again its meant to be a bunch of bites and snacks to share with friends – and going with a group means you can try more things!

I went with a sushi novice who is just warming up to seafood so we started with the spicy tuna roll ($8.50, big pictured above) which had super fresh tuna, and the crispy onion strings on top. Spice level was mild, but  overall this was a very pleasant roll.

The Popcorn Pork with honey mustard dipping sauce ($6) was lightly breaded and well seasoned. Evenly cooked with good flavour and a fun twist to popcorn chicken, not to mention it’s great for sharing. There was nothing wrong with this dish but it was our least favourite only by virtue of everything else standing out so much more!

photo 2(3)BBQ Short Ribs ( $12.99, not pictured!)  – Ate these up before snapping a pic, sorry! These were on the fresh sheet and the most expensive dish we ordered.  Although difficult to eat gracefully the flavours were right and had that hint of BBQ char. We got 6 pieces.

photo 4(2)Spicy Pork Ishiyaki ($10)- Fun dish where the egg cooks in the stone bowl in front of you! You can read the menu description in the Popcorn Pork photo above.  This was filling and delicious, although again on the safer side of mild, for our preferences at least.  Our waitress had recommended the mushroom ishiyaki, her personal favourite, so next time I’ll take her advice (staff usually know best!).


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